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Stone Hearts

a monster & fae romance

Magick stolen can be reclaimed,

and curses cast can be broken...

574 AD, Isle of Albion

Small and flightless, Carys lives on the fringes of her clan, pitied by other gargoyles and despised by her mother. Her lonely heart longs for a mate, one who can see past her malformed wings, but all she can think of is the haunting face she visits in an old well.

Trapped for centuries, Gavriel roams the darkness of the Underhill, unable to escape the memories of his failures. His wounded soul craves freedom, but he finds solace in the mysterious maiden who visits him through a rift in his prison.

Gargoyle and fae, separated by realms, connected by magick as ancient as the goddesses. Their love should be impossible—until one night, the barrier between realms begins to break…

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