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Monstrous World

fantasy monster romance

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A half-orc, half-human belongs nowhere…

Orek has spent his life trying to prove himself to a clan that despises him. The son of a deposed orc chief and human captive, he must try twice as hard to prove himself a worthy male, a strong hunter, a potential mate…

Resigned to a thankless place in the shadows, Orek ekes out a living on the fringes of the clan, just waiting for an opportunity. But what he finds instead one cold autumn night could ruin everything he’s worked so hard to gain—a human woman, captured just as his mother was so many years ago. The choice to protect her from the clan isn’t a choice at all, but what will protect him and his lonely heart from her?


A life about to begin, usurped by fate…

Sorcha has spent her life helping raise her many siblings, but now finally has the chance to seek her own adventures. At least, she did, before she was snatched from her horse and peddled by slavers. Taken far from home, she’s brought to the worst place imaginable—the craggy western mountains infested with brutal, brutish orcs. All humans know to fear them and stay away, and now she’s been sold to the cruelest clan-chief of them all. But the first orc she meets is nothing like the stories. He’s gentle. He frees her.

Nothing is what it seems as they lose themselves in the forest, hunted by trackers and slavers. Out of her depth, Sorcha has no choice but to rely on the mysterious halfling who saved her—but she’s been betrayed already and cannot afford to trust him. Even if, little by little, the quiet male reveals himself to be everything she could ever want.

A human and a halfling, lives ripped apart, brought together by coincidence or fate. Running for their lives, they may find the most dangerous place is together…


A lady heir in a world of lords…

Aislinn Darrow was never meant to be her father’s heir, but that was before her selfish brother condemned himself. Now, she must give up her old life to take his place. She should be presiding in her father’s council chamber and serving the people of the Darrowlands—yet time and again, she finds herself straying to the castle smithy, to visit the handsome new blacksmith manning the forge.

A lady can never claim a monster…

Hakon has known all his life his place is in the background. At least at his forge, he can be of use and demonstrate his skills. The life of a halfling is one of halves and pieces, never quite to belong. When he hears of a place that welcomes halflings, he determines to build a new life for himself in the Darrowlands. It is a bittersweet fate to find everything he could ever want there, in a woman he can never have. He knows his green, sooty hands don’t deserve to touch her, but Hakon cannot resist tempting Lady Aislinn back to him, nor indulging in the fantasy of claiming her as his own.

But in a world of lords and politics, a lady such as Aislinn could never truly take a halfling like him to mate and wed—especially when her position as a woman lord and usurper leave her and her people vulnerable. When grasping lords threaten the Darrowlands, prepared to take Aislinn’s hand and land through marriage or force, she must choose—the halfling who loves her or the people who need her.

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