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House of The Rising Sun

fantasy romance

ATOWAD Front (1).jpg
A Time of War 
and Demons

Rise and fall, power and ruin, these are the rules of the game...

The Highland kingdom is not safe. Yet no one in Lady Ennis Courtnay’s fortress city of Highcrest suspected the encroaching barbarian hordes would brave the steep mountain crags or the might of her noble house, not until the hordes have already knocked down her gate. In the course of a single, bloodstained night, Ennis’s life is changed forever: her father slain, her city taken, and she herself claimed as a warprize by the very man who masterminded it all.

Manek’s life is not his own. He fights for a man he despises, eking out the protection of his home by destroying others’. It's a miserable life, one he doesn’t expect to survive. But amidst the rubble and carnage of Highcrest, Manek finds a glimmer of hope in the woman whose life he has helped destroy. Manek cannot resist claiming Ennis as his warprize, but though he spirits her across the land of Mithria to his home in the south, Ennis refuses to resign herself to this life. She was meant to lead, to protect her people and kingdom, and she will fight not only to reclaim what she has lost but to make a life for herself in this new world. She will fight, and perhaps she can convince Manek to fight too.

Theirs will be a tale for the ages, but what are the legends of mortals to the clash of gods? Far to the south, an ancient force has awoken, and he too will choose to fight. The God of War has returned, and he is determined not just to change history but Fate itself.

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